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Congratulations to Hayes Township class of 2020 graduates:

Future leaders!

2020 Grads

Left to right: Abby Cunningham, Cole Wright, and Makayla Clees
Photo by Jen Cunningham

Charlevoix High School held graduation exercises at Kipke Field on June 19, 2020. Hayes Township is home to three outstanding members of the class of 2020.

Abigail Ann Cunningham, daughter of Matt and Jen Cunningham, is planning to attend Saginaw Valley State University this fall where she will follow a pre-dental curriculum. Cunningham chose a career in dentistry because, “I like nice healthy smiles and I like helping people.”

Since she was 10, she has helped out at Community Reformed Church’s free breakfast. Later in high school, Cunningham has mentored younger kids at the Safe Haven’s Games and Grub summer program.

While at CHS, Cunningham played 4 years of varsity basketball on what may have been a state championship team, had the COVID 19 pandemic had not closed Michigan down in March of this year. She also played volleyball, tennis, and varsity soccer.

Cole Wright, son of Brenda and Stuart Wright, has been recruited to play football at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan and will pursue a degree in engineering. He is thinking about specializing in mechanical engineering. When asked how he will manage to play football at the college level and perform academically, he responded without hesitation, “Organize my time, just like I’ve done in high school.” Wright, a three year CHS varsity quarterback, helped take the team into the playoffs this past fall for the first Rayder playoff win ever.

Makayla Clees is the daughter of Mary and Jason Clees. She will attend Northern Michigan University this fall with an eye on a pre-med program. Clees knows she wants to be a pediatric surgeon. She explained, “I was in a lot of hospitals when I was little and I want to help kids feel better.”

Clees played volleyball, participated in track, and ran cross country as a student at Charlevoix.

Congratulations and best wishes to the Charlevoix High School graduating class of 2020. You’ve overcome obstacles we had never imagined. In particular, may Abby Cunningham, Cole Wright, and Makayla Clees carry Hayes Township pride with them always.

Kaira VanZee heads for Boyne City High School

Kaira VanZeeKaira VanZee, daughter of Julie and Ron Van Zee, has grown up in the family horse business, Maple Ridge Iberians. She recently graduated from eighth grade in Boyne City and is looking forward to the high school experience, including the drama program at BCHS.

She is spending the summer doing chores, babysitting, and riding horses. VanZee is becoming an accomplished dressage competitor, bringing home several blue ribbons for the highest score in her competitive class. Her father calls her “the quiet teacher.”

Don’t forget to vote in the primary

August 4, 2020

Every vote counts. If you have not received an application to vote by mail, contact your Township Clerk, Kristin Baranski, at 231-547-6961. You may also register and vote in person on election day at the Township Hall, 9195 Old US 31 North, Charlevoix Mi 49720

The Sentinel endorses your current Board, plus Kuebler, for 4 years.

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Supervisor Ron VanZee
Clerk Kristin Baranski
Treasurer Julie Collard
Trustee Matt Cunningham
Trustee Doug Kuebler

Hill Family Fishing

Hill Fishing

Brady Hill, son of Katie and Brandon Hill (Katie chairs the Park and Rec Committee) is seen fshing for the “big one” at the new fshing pier located at the end of the boat launch at the new Hayes Twp. Park, Camp Sea-Gull. Brady’s uncle, Charlie MacDonald, baits Brady’s hooks for him. Katie and her entire family, including her parents, were enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon exploring the park and making sure it ended with a good fishing outcome.

June 2020
Treasurer Report

Charlevoix State Bank

General Fund - $527,341.90 ($210,000 Restricted Township Funds)
Park Checking - $2000.00 (min. balance to avoid fees)
Tax Account - $5739.56 (restricted Treasury Funds)
Park Construction Savings - $100.14 (min. balance)
Township Checking - $13,095.59


Metro Account Revenue Sharing - $45,940.52
Prime Share Account - $134.29

Chemical Bank

Road Fund (RESTRICTED FUNDS) - $698,984.43

Trustees approve 2020-2021 budget totaling $488,121.20

On June 8, 2020 at 6pm the Hayes Township Board of Trustees held a public hearing on the proposed budget for budget year 2020-21 of $488,121.20. There was no public comment, so when the Trustees moved into the regular monthly meeting at 7pm, they adopted the budget unanimously.

The Parks and Recreation Committee reported that they will hold on-line meetings only for the foreseeable future. Julie Collard will serve as the assistant chair for the Committee and as the Board liaison, reporting to both the Board and the Committee as necessary.

Collard said that the Committee did not recommend setting launch fees at Camp Sea-Gull for this year but that there should be a donation box provided for public gifts. The Board approved $900 for a lock box at the launch site.

Collard also asked for funds to purchase a weed whacker and a power washer for the park. The Board approved $1000 for the purpose provided it was spent with local merchants.

The Park and Rec Committee has also decided not to put the big tent up this year nor to host any large gatherings.  It will host a Parkluck event in 2021 if the pandemic situation abates and will consider tent rentals at that time.

Collard also reported that the Township has received two smaller grants this year, one for the installation of playground equipment at the Township Hall and another for reseeding the athletic area at Camp Sea-Gull. Both projects are currently underway.

Beckett and Raeider submitted a proposal to the Board of Trustees for $20,000 to completely revise the zoning ordinance for Hayes Township and to put it online. The revision would simplify the language and link the related sections so that a layperson can, for example, go on-line and find all the necessary steps for building a house in Hayes Township. The on-line posting of the revised ordinance would not however be interactive as that is too expensive. The revision would also address an events ordinance and any other issues Beckett and Raeder want the Township to consider.  There would have to be public hearings for those revisions before they can be enacted.

The Board approved the proposal and so $4500 will be paid to Beckett and Raeder this year with $14,500 paid next year.

Clerk Kristin Baranski introduced April Hilton who is the new Assistant Clerk and Recording Secretary. Baranski also presented warrants in the amount of $43,297.74 for approval of the Board. She explained that $13,000 was for engineering costs related to getting Camp Sea-Gull safe enough to open, and $4,500 will go toward the zoning ordinance project.

Supervisor VanZee reported getting one complaint about fireworks noise in the Township. The Board decided that the State of Michigan Fireworks regulation as amended is sufficient to cover any issues. The new law however does say that if a local government has no fireworks ordinance, it cannot restrict any fireworks activity at all. Further the state law, cited below, says that fireworks must be allowed at certain days and times whether the Township has an ordinance or not.

“Even if a local government chooses to restrict fireworks in their municipality by passing a local ordinance, state law requires that fireworks must be allowed on the following days, after 11:00 a.m.:
December 31 until 1:00 a.m. on January 1
The Saturday and Sunday before Memorial Day, until 11:45 p.m.
June 29 to July 4, until 11:45 p.m.
July 5, if it falls on a Friday or Saturday, until 11:45 p.m.
The Saturday and Sunday before Labor Day, until 11:45 p.m.”

In other business the Board is still waiting for cost estimates from Beckett and Raeder for the correction of the rain gardens drainage system and for the extended seawall necessary to prevent additional shoreline erosion and to keep the new sidewalk from falling into the lake. These estimates will be added to a revised proposal for safety mitigation that came before the Board at the May meeting. The Board is hoping to act upon the revised proposal at the July meeting.

Supervisor VanZee reported that the Board hopes to meet in person in the Township Hall for July, but that they will continue to have the meetings available on zoom for those who cannot attend but want to participate.

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Planning Commission Meets with Beckett & Raeder to Assess Zoning Proposal

The Hayes Township Planning Commission held its regular monthly meeting via zoom on June 16. The evening’s discussion centered around the Beckett and Raeder two-part proposal to revise and update the Hayes Township Zoning Ordinance which the Board of Trustees approved at its June 8 meeting. John Iacoangeli, a Principal of the firm standing in for Sean White, explained how the zoning project will unfold.

Part One of the task is to create an annotated summary of the current ordinance which involves the examination of all the parts of the ordinance that need more detail and also what problem areas are not covered in the ordinance. Any suggested changes should be forwarded to Chair Roy Griffitts at the Hayes Township hall.

This portion of the project, which has already been paid for, will be finished by August of this year. The Board of Trustees will have to adopt the annotated summary before work on the second part of the proposal can begin.

The second part of the project requires the formation of a zoning sub-committee to work with Beckett and Raeder consisting of a Planning Commission member, a Board member, someone from the shoreline community, someone from the agricultural community, and someone with commercial interests. Then the real work begins with rewriting the identified areas of concern and writing sections to address new issues.  The careful revision should be ready for review by sometime in 2021.

In other business, Ron VanZee acting as the zoning administrator, reported that the Zoning Board of Appeals will have to hear 2 requests for variances from property owners Law and Eagan. Currently RR1 zoning allows only one auxiliary building per parcel, no matter how large the parcel is. Both property owners believe that they should be able to build more than one auxiliary building because they have considerably large holdings and so would like variances.

VanZee also advised the Commission that there will be a public hearing on July 21 at 7pm in the Township Hall to hear an application for a special use permit for Farm Central, LLC (the old CH Smith property). Farm Central wants to put a storage building on the portion of its property that is zoned Industrial.

The next regular meeting of the Planning Commission will be July 21 both in the Hall and on zoom.

Meeting Reminders

July 6, Park and Rec Committee on-line 6:30pm
July 13, Regular Board of Trustees, both on-line and real time 7pm
July 19, Planning Commission, both on-line and real time 7pm
Aug  3, Park and Rec Committee on-line 6:30pm

Note: Watch the website for Virtual meeting passwords and notices of meetings held in real time at the Township Hall.

Hayes Township Hall

9195 OLD US 31 Hwy N, Charlevoix Mi 49720
Phone: 231-547-6961 / Fax: 231-547-0046
Hours: Mon through Thu 9am-12pm
Clerk: Tue, Wed, & Thu, 9am-12pm
Treasurer: Tue, Wed, & Thu, 9am-12pm
Zoning: Mon 9am-12pm, Wed 12pm-4pm


At Hayes Township Hall
July 1,  10am-2pm
July 8,  10am-2pm
July 15, 10am-2pm
July 22, 10am-2pm

Corrections of Zoning Map Discrepancies: Correcting Township and County Records

007-510-001-00 thru 007-510-007-00

Currently C-1 to A and C-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
Correct SE corner A to CR in entirety Correct Western portion A to CR in entirety A to R-1
R-1 and A to R-1 in entirety
RR-1 and A to RR-1 in entirety
A to RR-1
A to R-1
Correct entire parcel to CR
A to R-2
A to R-2
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to R-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to RR-1
A to R-2
A to R-1
Correct from A to R-1 and A
Correct from A to R-1 and A
A to R-2
R-1 to R-3

July Cartoon

Remember when you got a break on April 15??
Well Income Taxes are due JULY 15, 2020!

Opinions Header

Leslie Cunningham Observatin Deck

“And what is so rare as a day in June?
Then, if ever, come perfect days;
Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,
And over it softly her warm ear lays;
Whether we look, or whether we listen,
We hear life murmur, or see it glisten …”

James Russell Lowell from his epic poem, The Vision of Sir Launfal

I have always loved this verse; I memorized it in highschool. It was years though before I learned that it was part of a larger heroic epic poem about an Arthurian knight’s search for the Holy Grail, the treasured last communion cup of Jesus crucified.

In the longer legend, the cup disappears because its keepers did not remain chaste and righteous. The knights of the Round Table spent many a verse and many a year searching for the grail. Sir Galahad is credited with finding it at long last and according to the story redemption is again possible for all.  You may find the longer poem here, and I strongly recommend it.

What does any of this have to do with Hayes Township? Well I was down at Camp Sea-Gull checking out how lovely Greg and Becky Stauffer have the park looking--mowed, weeded, cultivated in spots, flags flying from the host house with flowers blooming all around. Down by the boat launch are picnic tables spaced out next to the lake. Soon there will be more waterfront where the 5 cabins are being removed. Up on the hill overlooking the lake will be the future activity field for kids to play games or go through a well-planned series of activity stations. Also above the boat launch is the site of the future large pavilion/community center which will be available for classes, retreats, reunions, and a respite center for the bike trail. Next year we will put up the big tent on that site so you will get an idea of what the view will be like from the top.

There will also be two or three smaller pavilions scattered throughout the woods and down by the swimming area.

As I looked around me, on a perfect sunny, breezy, soft June day, watching and listening, dreaming and relaxing--I thought of Lowell’s lines, “What is so rare as a day in June….if ever come perfect days?”

The knights believed many things about the shape and the import of the holy grail on our lives. It may have been an actual cup; it may have been the womb of Mary Magdalene, to name two ideas. But indeed, whatever form it takes, it is a source of holiness so it is told.

I think we all look for that cup, especially in these sometimes dark and uncertain corona-ridden days. And this cup, I believe, exists in the rustle of the leaves and birdsong of Camp Sea-Gull on a perfect June day, in the voices of our neighbors as they bid us “Stay safe,” in the giggles of the children building sand castles at Eastern Beach, and within our community as we check on each other, fill the little food pantry, and learn how Hayes can be a respite for our spirits.

“...Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune, And over it softly her warm ear lays; Whether we look, or whether we listen, We hear life murmur, or see it glisten …”  And we are at home on holy ground.

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Township Officials May 2020

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